Collections and Accounting

Collections and Accounting

This is the arm of the Board of Internal Revenue responsible for its revenue collection and accounting aspects.

The department manages tax collection and alerts the Assessment Department for necessary legal actions against defaulters to enforce payments accounting for collection involving collating and reconciling all taxes collected and reconciling all taxes collected and paid into revenue accounts.

Functions of the Department

The work programme of the department includes routine visits to the collection stations (MLAs) and Revenue offices to enforce collection provision regarding:

  • Imposition of penalties for changing interests
  • Indiscriminate remission of penalties and interests
  • Internal Control in Revenue Offices to reduce incidences of fraud

Other Functions

  • Responsible for all Revenue (s) accruing to the Board of Internal Revenue.
  • Responsible for collecting the accrued tax (s).
  • Accounting for the accrued revenue.
  • Making payments to the sub-treasury.
  • Obtaining treasury receipts.


Director of the Department