Mohammed Seyo Bello

Mohammed Seyo Bello

Director Monitoring and Compliance
  • Board of Internal Revenue Headquarters, 56 Hamaruwa Way, P.M.B. 1005, Jalingo. Taraba State


About Me

Mohammed Seyo Bello was born 1960 in Jalingo. He attended Mohammed Nya Primary School Jalingo in 1977, CPS Yola in 1985. Mohammed Seyo Bello obtained his Bachelors of Art degree from Amadu Bello University in 1990 and Final Inspector of Taxes at Kaduna State. He is currently the Director of the Monitoring and Compliance Department of the Board of Internal Revenue, Taraba State.

My Department

Vested with the responsibility of checking all revenue books from ministries and other departments.

The Monitoring and Compliance Department is responsible for checking Revenue Books such as: RBIN; Receipts, Used and Unused; Cashbooks; and Bank Tellers. In some cases, Expenditure files of Ministry, to find out unpaid withholding tax.