Planning, Research, Statistics & ICT

Planning, Research, Statistics & ICT

The Planning Research Statistics & Information and Communication Technology (ICT) department started as an independent unit with five (5) staff. In October 2012, it became full department of the Board of Internal Revenue consisting of twenty-five (25) staff.

The PRS & ICT department has always been the backbone of the Board of Internal Revenue. They intend to put in place, a Control Centre in ICT to help monitor performance.

Sub Divisions:

  • Planning & Research Unit
  • Server Room
  • Offline Kids Unit
  • Production Unit

Functions of the Department

  • Provides Administrative work plan and systemic process to achieve the set goals of the Board of Internal Revenue.
  • Facilitates proper coordination, organisation and good control for the Board.
  • The department provides and maintains the automation of tax administration processes for higher improvement.