The department has one Director which over see the activities of the department.

The department have Staff in all over 16 Local Government of the State.

The department is breaking into the following offices;

  • 3 Zonal Offices
  • 9 Area Offices
  • 7 Collection Centres
  • Major Cases
  • Self-Assessment

Functions of the Department

  1. Responsible to the Executive Chairman for general administration of the Directorate.
  2. Issuing of Assessment instruction to all assessment centres.
  3. Approving of Taxpayers file transfer to relevant Assessment Centres.
  4. Submission of defaulting Taxpayers to legal Directorate.
  5. Maintenance of Database on all records of totals, arrears list, Government share of taxes issued case files, suspended files closed or dead files, pot assessment and other assessment related information.
  6.  Presentation of monthly, quarterly and annual progress report.
  7.  Approving requisition for the following Certificates.
    • Tax Clearance
    • Tax Waiver
    • Tax Holiday
    • Tax Remittance
    • Tax Exempt
    • Assessment Set
    • Discharge Certificate
    • All other Revenue forms
  8.  Report and Counter staff evaluation forms
  9.  Signing of TCC and TRT6
  10.  Analysing incoming of progress report from zonal, Area Office and Collection Centres.
  11.  Drafting and vetting all correspondence relating to Assessment.
  12.  Recommending rebate and other tax refund cases to the Executive Chairman.
  13.  Training of Students on industrial attachment.
  14.  Any other duty to be assigned.


Sub-Divisions (LGAs) and There Fuctions

  1. General Assessment and collection duties in respect to their area offices.
  2. Examination of income returns, claims and objective/appeals on non limited liability companies e.g. Ventures, Enterprises, Partnership and Associate etc.
  3. Preparation of Tax Clearance certificate (TCC) for director`s assent.
  4. Maintenance of Taxpayer database.
  5. Continue out sourcing tax related information for the expansion of the unit (existing and new cases)
  6. Drafting and forwarding of monthly progress report.
  7. Report on staff evaluation forms.

Director of the Department